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Night of the Demons 2: aka "NIght of the Demons: Angela's Revenge"

The girls from a Catholic high school find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle between the forces of good and evil when they return to the haunted house from the first film and spend another gory Halloween night there.

Genre - Genre Classics

Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writer(s) - Joe Augustyn, James Penzi

Cast - Amelia Kinkade, Merle Kennedy, Zoe Trilling and Jennifer Rhodes

Blue Rider's Role - Producers

Distributor(s) - Paramount, Republic

Release Date - 1994

Synopsis - Catholic school students who are banned from the school's Halloween party for having sex at a previous bash meet in an abandoned home from which previous partygoers never returned. Among them is Mouse, a timid younger sister of Angela, who has become the ruling demon at Hull House. The kids are killed and become demons. Three people associated with the school come to fight the demons: the head priest, a ruler-wielding nun and a nerd obsessed with Satanism. They find imaginative ways to kill some demons.

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