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The Flock

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An officer who is training his replacement has to track down a missing girl who may be connected to a paroled sex offender.

Genre - Drama

Executive Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - Wai Keung Lau (aka Andrew Lau) and Niels Muller

Writer(s) - Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell

Cast - Richard Gere, Claire Danes and Avril Lavigne

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Distributor(s) - Bauer Martinez, High Fliers (UK), Hoyts (Australia and NZ), Cinestar (Philippines), Golden Village (Singapore), TFM (France), Kinowelt (Germany), RCV (Netherlands), Movie-Eye and Geneon (Japan), Golden Scene (HK), Pyramid (Russia), Genius (US DVD)

Release Date - 2007

Synopsis - This crime action thriller follows a hyper-vigilant employee of the Department of Public Safety who, while training his young female replacement, has to track down a missing girl who he is convinced is connected to a paroled sex offender he is investigating. Working against the clock, they unravel the twisted details to track the potential killer.

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