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Behind the Red Door

A dying designer coaxes his estranged sister into helping him cope with his illness, while they come to terms with their family's troubled past.

Genre - Drama

Executive Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - Matia Karrell

Writer(s) - Matia Karrell, C.W. Cressler

Cast - Kiefer Sutherland , Kyra Sedgwick and Stockard Channing

Blue Rider's Role - Executive Producers and bridge financier

Distributor(s) - Showtime, Fox International, Artist View Entertainment

Release Date - 2002

Synopsis - Behind The Red Door is a story of a woman's journey through the forgotten past of her family's violent history and her mother's tragic murder. Natalie's last chance for redemption, and for freeing herself from her past by facing the truth she has hidden from all her life, comes unexpectedly when a crisis reunites her with her long-estranged brother, Roy.

When a mutual friend, Julia tricks Natalie into going to Boston and forcing a reunion with her brother, her small, protected world starts to come apart. Roy is dying, and is desperate to have his sister by his side, but she wants to stay away, out of reach of his rage. His fear of not being loved, and her fear to love at all, is their conflict, progressing as Natalie finds out the truth of what happened to their mother.

Their conflicts resolve through the ultimate realization that she and her brother are two sides of the same emotional coin and that only with his love did she have the courage to face the tragic truth of their mother's murder by their father. Natalie had come home to save her brother's life and instead he saved hers.

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