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The Hollywood Sign

In this heist comedy, three washed-up actors must deliver the most convincing performances of their lives as part of a dangerous plot designed to steal $10 million and finance their professional comeback.

Genre - Comedy

Producer - Walter Josten

Writer(s) - Leon de Winter

Cast - Burt Reynolds, Tom Berenger and Rod Steiger

Blue Rider's Role - Co-producer

Distributor(s) - Lion's Gate Films Home Entertainment, Amberlon Pictures, Indies Film Distribution, Imagem Filmes (Brazil), Senator Film (Germany)

Release Date - 2001

Synopsis - Tom Berenger, Burt Reynolds and Rod Steiger play washed-up actors who find the opportunity to get back in the biz if they can rip off some Vegas goons of $10 million by convincing them they're cops. A struggling writer (Jacqueline Kim) decides to live out the fictional heist story she wrote -- which thus becomes the driver for the plot.

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