Lew Horwitz
(Founder LHO and president of Horwitz Entertainment Financial Services)


Steve Marlton
(Producer, Rescue Dawn; Director, Gibraltar Entertainment)

“"Blue Rider played the critical role of saying 'yes' and putting their financial resources behind the movie. Their early commitment to the film gave us the momentum to push it forward. Blue Rider provided bridge and super-gap loans to the film. Their agreeing to do the film got us financed and took us from a theoretical movie to a real movie. They bridged us until the overall loan was closed. So both the promise of money and its actual arrival were crucial in making this film happen."”

Pam Koffler
(Producer, Then She Found Me)

“"We work with a number of companies, and we are particularly interested in doing business with those who offer commitment and speed in execution—which Blue Rider always does. When they are called upon to act, there are usually a lot of things up in the air, so the production companies are pleased that they make quick decisions and that they are quick at documenting the transactions and getting cash flow advanced to the producers, who are inevitably facing critical deadlines.”

“"It is not unusual for a production to encounter rough spots as they are getting to a close, and Blue Rider has always been very collaborative in finding solutions to problems.”

“"They are very knowledgeable about the business. I have seen Blue Rider step into situations that others found too risky, and they had the risk profile, experience and know-how to help our customers make it work. ”
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“"Another thing about Blue Rider that I appreciate is that they will rapidly tell us if the deal is not right for them, so we are not spinning our wheels. And when it is right, they will jump in and make it happen, intelligently and efficiently.”

“"Walter is very gregarious, and very easy to work with. He is very customer-friendly. On occasion, Blue Rider has been willing to provide some capital before all documentation was fully completed, and our customers really appreciated that."”

Steve Mangel
(president/coo, IFG (Bonds):)

“"Blue Rider is very, very cognizant of its investment group and make sure it takes good care of them. As far as I am concerned it is the top bridge financer serving the independent film industry. It is the company many independent producers turn to first, and it is the one I invariably recommend."”

Art Stribley
(exec. vp/manager, Entertainment Industry Division, Mercantile National Bank)


Steve Beeks
(president, Lionsgate)


Robbie Little
(founder of Overseas Film Group, co-president of The Little Film Group)


Kathy Morgan, president
(Kathy Morgan International)

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