Since 1984, Walter Josten and Blue Rider Pictures have helped to finance, produce, and distribute over 125 films with production budgets totaling nearly $1 billion. Blue Rider has emerged as the acknowledged industry leader in short-term interim finance, also known as Bridge Financing. Since 1998, the company has also focused on providing various kinds of financing to a range of entertainment related projects.

Blue Rider not only brings financing to a production, but also can help producers navigate the very difficult process of arranging and completing motion picture financing. In this respect, Blue Rider often helps facilitate the closing of the financing so the producing and/or sales team can focus on the many tasks associated with pre-production, principal photography, post-production and distribution.

One of Blue Rider’s strengths is recognizing the unique and complex nature of each borrower’s financial needs and resources. The Company strives to be flexible and move quickly when determining the viability of a project. Blue Rider views each transaction individually and as carefully as possible, knowing that the elements that lead to success are hard to generalize.

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