Blue Rider Entertainment is one of the most prolific and successful independent production and financing companies in the entertainment business, with over 120 movies and TV projects to its credit since the Company was formed in 1991.

Laurence Fishburne Joins Indie Thriller 'Imprisoned' (EXCLUSIVE)

'Vikings' Star Katheryn Winnick Joins John Travolta's 'Speed Kills' (EXCLUSIVE)

Jason Sudeikis, Lee Pace & Timothy Olyphant Gear Up For John DeLorean Pic 'Driven' - Cannes

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Four Blue Rider Films Air on North American Cable in August 2018
Four films produced and/or financed by Blue Rider air on North American cable TV in August. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS and HOLES are on HBO. COMPANY MANY pops up on the Indie Channel. And SURVIVAL ISLAND can be seen on Showtime Beyond.

  > read complete articleBlue Rider’s Josten Exec-Produces PRIMAL, Starring Cage and Janssen
Luillo Ruiz, of Pimienta Film Company, produces, and Blue Rider president Walter Josten executive produces the action thriller Primal, starring Nicholas Cage and Famke Janssen, directed by Nick Powell (Outcast) and written by Richard Leder (The Suspect).

  > read complete articleBlue Rider Aids Puerto Rico Fundraising Effort
Blue Rider has joined other film companies in’s significant Puerto Rico Film Friends Relief, which so far has raised a lot of money for the hurricane –battered island. CINE 1999 Golden Eagle recipient, Walter Josten, and Luillo Ruiz of Pimienta Films have assembled an extended motion picture family via six major feature films on the island.

  > read complete articleNicholas Cage Stars in RED SQUAD, Exec Produced by Walter Josten

  > read complete articleBlue Rider CEO Walter Josten Exec Producing IMPRISONED Starring Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburne, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, John Heard, Jon Huertas and Juan Pablo Raba will star in the indie thriller Imprisoned, now filming in Puerto Rico with Walter Josten executive producing, along with Greg Schenz, Tannaz Anisi and Holly Levow. Luillo Ruiz of Pimiento Film Co. is a producer of the film. Paul Kampf Kampf (Best Fake Friends) is a producer and directing from his own script, described as a revenge thriller wrapped around a love story with the question of the sacrifices made for love.

  > read complete articleBlue Rider Produces, Helps Finance “Birth of the Dragon”
Blue Rider provided Rax credit financing anf Walter Josten co-exec produced kung fu action drama BIRTH OF THE DRAGON,set nin 1964 San Francisco

  > read complete articleNetflix Recommends 5 Other Blue Rider Films
Netflix is pointing its millions of DVD subscribers to five other films on which Blue Rider was a lender and/or producer. It points them to SURVIVAL ISLAND as an Action Thriller, to ASYLUM as an Erotic Thriller, to RESCUE DAWN as a Military & War Drama, to MY 5 WIVES as a Late Night Comedy and to AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS as a Family Comedy.

  > read complete articleKEITH is One of BuzzFeed's 45 Hidden Netflix Gems You Should See
BuzzFeed released its list of 45 hidden Netflix gems you should see, and 2007 teen romantic drama KEITH, on which Blue Rider was a lender, is included. Other must-see's on the list are MISS FISHER'S MURDER MYSTERIES, THE PARADISE, DOC MARTIN, THE KILLING, THE HUNT and CALL THE MIDWIFE. KEITH stars former teen heart-throb Jesse McCartney, Elizabeth Harnois (C.S.I.) and and Jennifer Grey (Golden Globe nomination for DIRTY DANCING). It tells of a teen queen who thinks she knows it all until she meets a new male student with a secret. Netflix rated it four stars (that's high) and five of the first seven member reviewers on the site ( gave it five stars (perfect). One wrote: "Funny. Emotional. Heartbreaking. One of those movies that leaves you with a frown in your face and teary eyes... I haven't felt such an emotional connection to a movie since the Notebook. That says it all... I was NOT expecting such beauty and such depth from this movie... This is NOT a teen movie but a movie about teens in some of the most troubled aspects of life.. I just loved it and felt it all the way. Spectacular acting for the main protagonist."

  > read complete articleOur Film GOSPEL HILL is a Netflix Pick
Netflix recommends to is millions of worldwide subscribers the drama GOSPEL HILL, on which Blue Rider was the bridge financier. It stars Giancarlo Esposito, Danny Glover, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, Julia Stles and Samuel L. Jackson. Netflix writes: "In a small Southern town, the longstanding residents of the Gospel Hill neighborhood are being forced out of their homes to make way for a pricey housing development, pushing race relations to explosive heights in this gripping drama. Meanwhile, the mystery behind the decades-old murder of civil rights pioneer Peter Malcolm haunts his son (Danny Glover) and the ex-sheriff (Tom Bower) who deliberately botched the investigation." This film is recommended in the categories MYSTERY, SOCIAL ISSUE DRAMAS, DRAMAS and AFRICAN AMERICAN DRAMAS.

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