Project Services

Since its inception in 1991, Blue Rider Pictures is one of the most experienced and successful independent film, TV and new media production, finance services, and distribution companies in the entertainment business. For the past 30+ years, Blue Rider developed expertise in nearly every aspect of production and distribution, including US theatrical distribution, international sales and production services.

Walter Josten, founder of Blue Rider, has served in the role of producer and executive producer while working on the cutting edge of independent film financing for pictures shot in nearly every region of the world. Together, Walter and Blue Rider have 140+ film and television projects to their credit. The budgets of the films have ranged from a few million dollars to over a hundred million dollars, and the films have been released in every medium, and around the globe.

Our passion to make great movies and tell important stories is the driving force behind our work. We are pleased to share our experience in support of rising stars in the film and television industry by offering services to help producers maximize the potential for success of their projects.

Project Review and Analysis

As a new project begins to take shape, we can confidentially review the script, discuss commitments and attachments (desired or secured), analyze the budget, and help guide filmmakers through the complex process of getting a project presold, financed and into production.

Financing Approach

With vast experience in film finance, along with a deep pool of financial relationships in the US and abroad, we can help producers and filmmakers establish and implement an optimal financing plan for their projects.  Learn more about financing solutions offered by Blue Rider here.

Investment Packaging

An investment package is a set of financial and presentation materials and documents used to secure financing for a project.   This typically includes a robust dynamic financial model, key data which is integrated into documents and presentation materials to support the financing efforts and subsequent financial project management.  Blue Rider can help producers and filmmakers create a high quality investment package for their projects.

Every project adheres to an investment-grade information development and documentation approach. What this means is that the processes, details, preparations, and materials will be of uniformly high quality and substance such as is necessary to finance film and television projects.  Preparing to meet this high standard will ensure that regardless of the financing sources that are most ideal for your film, you will be ready to navigate the requirements for success.

Location Guidance

Where is the best place in the world to shoot your picture from a creative and financial perspective?  Blue Rider has been a pioneer in the field of tax incentives for more than 25 years, and has helped to finance and produce films nearly everywhere in the world, ideally where attractive incentives are available.  Based on the script, the needs of the project, and the current incentives offered by many US states, foreign provinces and countries, we can help producers and filmmakers find the best location with the most benefits, and help to line up experienced and reputable service providers that will support the project every step of the way.

Foreign Sales Company Relationships

Foreign sales are increasingly important and available for a wide range of films.  Identifying and establishing strong relationships with foreign sales companies can have a major impact on the financial success of a film.  Blue Rider has long-standing relationships with most of the very best foreign sales agents in the industry.  We can help producers and filmmakers connect with partners that exhibit high levels of professionalism, success, and integrity.

Bond Company Relationships

A motion picture bond or completion guarantee is a written contract that guarantees a film will be completed and delivered on schedule and within budget based on an agreed upon script, cast, and budget.  Films produced and fully financed by major Hollywood studios are generally self-guaranteed. Most independent films, including many that are distributed by major studios, require a completion bond or guarantee. When a producer takes a signed distribution contract to a bank or financier to use it as collateral against a production loan, the bank will typically require a completion bond that mitigates the risk of non-delivery by the producer.  Blue Rider has strong relationships with all the top bond providers, and can help you prepare for the bonding process and make appropriate introductions at the right time.