“In my 40 plus year career in commercial banking, I became highly experienced in vetting people and assessing risk when doing business. While at Hanmi Bank, I met Walter Josten. I not only found Walter to be a trustworthy person but also someone seasoned with knowledge and expertise in this industry. As a result, Hanmi Bank partnered with Walter who helped Hanmi to finance numerous independent films—which yielded lucrative financial as well as reputational benefits. As a partner, Walter’s business philosophy is simple: straight forward and upfront. It is Walter’s years of experience and technical expertise, coupled with his great reputation in the industry that truly sets Blue Rider Pictures apart.”

C. G. Kum
Retired President and CEO
Hanmi Financial Corp and Hanmi Bank


“I have been collaborating with Blue Rider Pictures and Walter Josten to bring projects to Puerto RIco since 2005. Walter is an expert in film tax credits and bridge lending, but what makes him exceptional is his keen sense of transaction and people dynamics. He is a natural team leader with great vision and the ability to anticipate and tackle problems. When things get challenging, Walter excels in managing expectations, and in driving the matter forward with clarity, firmness, and equanimity. I see in Patrick the same attributes and style that make his father special. I look forward to working with Blue Rider for many more years to come.”

Antonio J. Sifre
The Sifre Group, LLC. Corporate and Entertainment Law/Tax Credits


“Walter and Patrick Josten of Blue Rider Pictures saved my latest movie – and arguably my career – in the most impossible environment I’ve ever seen… and I’ve worked on more than 300 films, none of them easy.   The film is “Hypnotic” starring Ben Affleck and Alice Braga, and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Every imaginable form of Covid-inspired craziness conspired to take the film down on four occasions, starting in March 2020.  In the late Summer of 2021, it looked like the fifth attempt to mount the movie was also going to collapse. Then Walter and Patrick stepped in, achieved in four days what was easily three weeks of work, and got the movie funded. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I will never forget it. These guys are unequivocally, undeniable and unforgettably the best in the world at what they do. Accept no substitutes.”

Mark Gill
Producer and recovering president of Miramax Films, Warner Independent Pictures, Millennium Films and Solstice Studios.


“I’ve known Walter Josten and worked with him so long he’s like part of my family. Everything he’s ever said he would do was done and that reliability is a key component of Blue Rider. Our business is filled with uncertainty at times and knowing Walter is behind a project is all I need to know to fill my heart with confidence. I can’t imagine a world without Walter and Blue Rider.”

Cassian Elwes
Elevated Films – Producer, THE BUTLER, MUDBOUND


“We have worked with Blue Rider for over two decades and have the utmost respect for Walter and his ability to provide key assistance in closing deals. Walter’s breadth of experience contributes to his reasonable perspective on risk which is essential to deploying bridge and, his contacts in the investment community and their trust in his choices seem to give Blue Rider an evergreen capacity. And, with Patrick joining a few years ago, Blue Rider’s in-house dimension has grown to allow them to continue to be among the most responsive in the business.  Long on integrity and short on the BS, we love these guys!”

Steven Leib
UniFi Completion Guarantors


“In this time of transformative change in the independent film business, one constant remains; Walter Josten and Blue Rider.  With decades of experience across all aspects of film financing, Walter and Blue Rider are true partners in every sense of the word.  Not merely a financial support system, Walter, along with Head Of Business Affairs, Patrick Josten, are the ultimate advocates for their producing partners, bringing their unrivaled wealth of personal experience and expertise to any and every problem that may arise along the way.  Walter and Patrick pride themselves on their support for not only the independent film financing business, but the art that can only be made with the skills to navigate it.  As filmmakers and producers, Walter, Patrick and Blue Rider became our greatest allies at the time we needed them most.  Walter’s integrity, work ethic and commitment to his word is unparalleled and working with him and his team has been one of the great privileges of my career.”
Timothy Scott Bogart
Writer/Director/Producer – SPINNING GOLD, VERONA
Founder – The Boardwalk Entertainment Group


“Walter, now that our film has finished shooting, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for saving FAST CHARLIE. Like so many of us wanderers in the independent marketplace, we are so dependent on raising production financing from various sources, and then knitting all these pieces together in a timely fashion. Which “timeliness”, as you know is almost never timely. You and Patrick have understood, more than most, how critical it is for funds to hit a production on time. And I can’t begin to imagine the number of films you have saved, that never would have been made without Blue Rider’s intervention.
It was a pleasure to work with you, and Patrick, and Marty Barab, who in the space of a tiny weekend came up with the funds that allowed our film to be made.

I’m sure, Walter, that none of this would have happened with just any financial partner.

It happened because you’ve been in the independent film business a long time, and you love films, and you love filmmakers. (Well, most filmmakers…). And you are an artist yourself, so you, like few others, can empathize with our needs.

So on behalf of the production of FAST CHARLIE, I thank Blue Rider for having made this film happen.

Very, very sincerely

Mark Damon
Producer and Distribution Executive


“I have represented Blue Rider in multiple film production and financing transactions and litigations for over twenty years and in, fact, I was one of its first borrowers. Walter Josten is one of the most knowledgeable and competent producers and financiers I have ever known in the independent business. He is also a pleasure to work with and is a great partner for any producer delving in structured finance. During all those years, I have known many people in the entertainment industry and I have never heard anyone say a bad word about Walter or his company Blue Rider.

Jeff Konvitz
Entertainment Lawyer

“Walter and Patrick Josten were not only a pleasure to work with but in a business where people are often unreliable they delivered above and beyond on our film, “The Black Demon” which we just wrapped in the Dominican Republic. In this ever-changing business where a lot can go wrong this is the company you want in your corner when it comes to bridge and/or film financing.”

Javier Chapa


“In a business where people often talk but don’t really deliver, Blue Rider and Walter Josten are exactly the opposite: they always deliver – often beyond what they promised. With their considerable expertise as both lenders and producers, they are able to take projects that are really on the brink of disaster and if the picture should be made, they make it a reality.”

Kathy Morgan, President
Kathy Morgan International


“Blue Rider and Walter are extremely knowledgeable about the independent film business: in the actual production process, in the financial process (working with banks and other lending institutions) and in working with investors. They can put together a bridge loan and then couple that with banking and other forms of investment – with integrity and great skill.”

Lew Horwitz
Founder LHO and president of Horwitz Entertainment Financial Services


“Blue Rider is very, very cognizant of its investment group and make sure it takes good care of them. As far as I am concerned, Blue Rider is the top bridge financing company the independent film industry. It is the company many independent producers turn to first, and it is the one I invariably recommend.”

Art Stribley
Former Exec. VP/Manager, Entertainment Industry Division, Mercantile National Bank


“Working with Blue Rider is a pleasure. They understand the problems and timelines that independent producers face when they are putting together the financing for their films. They arranged bridge financing for several of my films and I always found them knowledgeable, helpful and (most importantly) compassionate.”

Robbie Little
Founder of Overseas Film Group, co-president of The Little Film Group


“We work with a number of companies, and we are particularly interested in doing business with those who offer commitment and speed in execution—which Blue Rider always does. When they are called upon to act, there are usually a lot of things up in the air, so the production companies are pleased that they make quick decisions and that they are quick at documenting the transactions and getting cash flow advanced to the producers, who are inevitably facing critical deadlines.”

It is not unusual for a production to encounter rough spots as they are getting to a close, and Blue Rider has always been very collaborative in finding solutions to problems.

They are very knowledgeable about the business. I have seen Blue Rider step into situations that others found too risky, and they had the risk profile, experience and know-how to help our customers make it work.

Another thing about Blue Rider that I appreciate is that they will rapidly tell us if the deal is not right for them, so we are not spinning our wheels. And when it is right, they will jump in and make it happen, intelligently and efficiently.

Walter is very gregarious, and very easy to work with. He is very customer-friendly. On occasion, Blue Rider has been willing to arrange some capital before all documentation was fully completed, and our customers really appreciated that.”

Steve Mangel
President UniFi Completion Guarantors


“During a time when many other independent producers have proven themselves to be short-term players, Blue Rider has consistently performed – on better than 70 movies for more than 20 years [now up to over 140 films for more than 30 years.] They have an amazing track record. They always deliver exactly what they say they will – and I don’t know of any other producers I can say that about.”

Steve Beeks
Former COO and Co-President, Lions Gate


“This film might not have gotten made without Blue Rider. In November 2005, 78% of the investors who had signed on for the film fell out – and we producers were left holding the bag. Fortunately, Blue Rider came through with a timely bridge loan that allowed us to begin production. We paid that off early in 2006, and then that summer Blue Rider made us a smaller post-production loan that allowed us to finish the film.”

Steve Marlton
Producer, Rescue Dawn; Director, Gibraltar Entertainment


“Blue Rider played the critical role of saying ‘yes’ and putting their financial resources behind the movie. Their early commitment to the film gave us the momentum to push it forward. Blue Rider provided bridge and super-gap loans to the film. Their agreeing to do the film got us financed and took us from a theoretical movie to a real movie. They bridged us until the overall loan was closed. So both the promise of money and its actual arrival were crucial in making this film happen.”

Pam Koffler
Producer, Then She Found Me