Ana (2018)

A girl travels with a man and tries to save him from bankruptcy.

Genre – Drama

Executive Producer – Walter Josten

Producer:  Luillo Ruiz

Director(s) – Charles McDougall

Writer(s) – Cris Cole,

Cast – Dafne Keen, Andy Garcia

Distributor(s) – Front Row Filmed Entertainment

Release Date – 2018

People, credits and awards
Director:  Charles McDougall won 7 awards and 5 noms for Desperate Housewives (won Emmy), Sex and the City (Emmy nom), Sunday, Queer as Folk, Hillsborough and House of Cards; directed 33 other TV movies and series including The Office, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife, The Tudors and Surrender, Dorothy.

Writer: Cris Cole won Broadcasting Press Guild award and BAFTA nom for Mad Dogs; also wrote Love Bite, The Good Times are Killing Me, Pelican Blood two episodes of The Bill and 5 other TV series and movies.

Actors: Dafne Keen (won MTV Movie award for Logan; also appeared in The Refugees) and Andy Garcia (16 awards + 25 noms for works including City Island, The Godfather: Part III, Ocean’s Eleven, The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca and When a Man Loves a Woman).

Executive producers: Walter Josten (won Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie; produced and/or arranged financing for 140+ projects including Holes, Around the World in 80 Days, Flawless, The Flock, I Could Never Be Your Woman, Driven, The Last Thing He Wanted, Rescue Dawn and more), Michael Bregman won CableACE for John Leguizamo:Spic-O-Rama; also produced Sea of Love, Carlito’s Way, Betsy’s Wedding, The Bone Collector and 12 more movies), Oscar Generale (10 producer credits include Giallo, Speed Kills, Red Squad and The Music of Silence), Luis Guzman (Aztec Warrior, Puerto Ricans in Paris and The NIMBY Experience) and Cyril Megret (Grabbers, Miss You Already, The Caller, Welcome to the Jungle and 10 other movies).

Producer: Luillo Ruiz Grammy award nomination; produced Lovesickness, Men Who Stare at Goats, Welcome to the Jungle, The Caller, In the Blood, Imprisoned, Red Squad Speed Kills and 12 other projects.

Production designer: Clark Hunter earned Art Directors Guild noms for Bessie and The Magic of Ordinary Days; also designed All the Pretty Horses, Sling Blade, Old School, 25 episodes of The Mindy Project, Stay Cool and 47 other projects.

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