Memory Run (aka “Synapse”) (1996)

In the near future, when the government controls the frontiers of medical science, any crime you commit could cost you your body.

Genre – Sci-Fi

Executive Producer – Walter Josten

Director(s) – Allan A. Goldstein

Writer(s) – Allan A. Goldstein, David N. Gottlieb and Dale Hildebrand; from Hank Stine’s novel Season of the Witch

Cast – Karen Duffy, andSaul Rubinek

Blue Rider’s Role – Executive producers

Distributor(s) – Imperial Entertainment, Warner Vision

Release Date – 1996

Synopsis – In 2015, scientists discover how to achieve immortality, but the results are terrifying. A few privileged people benefit, but for everyone else life is a nightmare. The government controls science, so any crime you commit could cost you your body.

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