Witchboard III: The Possession (1995)

In this third installment of this successful supernatural thriller series, a down-on-his-luck stockbroker releases an evil spirit from the Ouija board.

Genre – Genre Classics

Executive Producer – Walter Josten

Director(s) – Peter Svatek

Writer(s) – Jon Ezrine and Kevin Tenney

Cast – David Nerman, Locky Lambert and Cedric Smith

Blue Rider’s Role – Executive producers

Distributor(s) – Manga Films (Spain)

Release Date – 1995

Critics’ Kudos:
Absolute Horror review: “I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Witchboard 3: The Possession. The murders were cool, there were some interesting plot twists and it slyly and seamlessly changed protagonists about half-way through.”

Brian J. Wright, The Cavalcade of Schlock: “The heroines of the first two Witchboard movies basically got by on their tits, but this one, Locky Lambert, seems able to act. Performances are adequate all around, actually.

“The effects are always good too – either stellarly done (the morphing is unusually good) or at least quite imaginative (like the separation sequence). It’s got some foxy women, nifty effects and a number of enjoyably cheesy moments (like when one guy is attacked by his butterfly collection).”

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Peter Svatek (The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon, The Rendering, Sci-fighters; won award for Silver Wolf and a Best Film nomination for Bleeders).

Written by Jon Ezrine (One Minute to Air, Swamp Thing) and Kevin Tenney (Witchboard, Witchboard 2, Pinocchio’s Revenge, Witchtrap, Tick Tock, Peacemaker).

Stars David Nerman (Eye of the Beholder, Gilda Radner: It’s Always Something, Stardom); Locky Lambert (Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Detour, Relentless) and Cedric Smith (Heavy Metal, Bless the Child, Sea People, Anne of Green Gables; won a Gemini Award and two more noms for Road to Avonlea).

Cast includes Donna Sarrasin (Fatal Affair, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Zoya); Danette Mackay (The Terminal, The Last Kiss, The Greatest Game Ever Played); Addison Bell (Tommy Boy, Simon Birch, Senior Trip); Richard Zeman (The Day After Tomorrow, Snake Eyes, The Bone Collector, The Score, Mother Night, Rollerball, Heist; 38 other films and TV projects) and Renee Madeline Le Guerrier (The Whole Nine Yards, Hysteria, More Tales of the City).

Executive Producers are Jeff Geoffray (Around the World in 80 Days, Shergar, Silver Wolf, Behind the Red Door and 23 other films); Walter Josten (Wake of Death, O Jerusalem, Back in the Day, Bar Starz; Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie; 28 other films and TV projects) and Paul E. Painter (C’est pas Moi C’est L’autre, Going to Kansas City, The Myth of the Male Orgasm; won Gemini Award and was nominated for an Emmy for Hiroshima; Gemini nom for Urban Angel).

Producer: Robin Spry (Student Seduction, Windsor Protocol, Charlie Jade; two awards and six other nominations for works including Hiroshima, Hitting Home, Une Histoire Invent�e and Suzanne).

Original Music by Richard Gregoire (Napoleon, Ignition, Cruising Bar; two awards and nine nominations for works including Nuremberg, Bonanno: A Godfather’s Story, L�olo and Souvenirs Intimes).

Cinematography by Barry Gravelle (The Clown at Midnight, Bleeders, For Hire, Requiem for Murder, Rats, Strip Search, Nostradamus).

Film Editing by Denis Papillon (The Old Man and the Sea, Silver Wolf, The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon; won an Eddie and earned four nominations for works including Hiroshima and The Baroness and the Pig).

Production Design by Richard Tass� (Scanners II: The New Order, Snake Eater III: His Law, Musketeers Forever).

Special Effects by Jacques Godbout (Once Upon a Time in America, Timeline, Scanners, 2001: A Space Travesty, Mrs. Soffel, War and Remembrance, Napoleon, Enemies: A Love Story; 61 other films and TV projects) and Olivier Xavier (P.T. Barnum, Punisher: First Round).

Visual Effects Supervisor: Richard Ostiguy (Screamers, The Assignment, Tales of the Mummy, Silent Trigger).

Release Data:
U.S. DVD released on Aug. 21, 2001. The film premiered on video in the U.K. in 1996 and in Spain in 1997.
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