The Sea Wolf: aka “Seawolf: The Pirate’s Curse” (2001)

A rebellious ex-sailor is hired by a mysterious woman to find Montezuma’s sunken treasure – but the quest is very dangerous.

Genre – Action

Director(s) – Mark Roper

Writer(s) – Harry Alan Towers

Cast – Thomas Ian Griffith , Gerit Kling and Barry Flatman

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged bridge financing

Distributor(s) – Alliance Atlantis Communications, The Asylum, Hermes Films, Prophecy Entertainment, Finnkino Oy (Finland)

Release Date – 2001

Synopsis – Jeffrey Thorpe (Thomas Ian Griffith), booted out of the Navy for disobeying orders, sails his ship The Sea Wolf around the Caribbean, taking any job, no matter how suspicious. The alluring and mysterious Helena (Gerit Kling) shows him an unusual gold coin and earns his pledge to seek Montezuma’s sunken treasure. However this turns into his most dangerous and unpredictable mission.

Release Data:
Released on Hungarian TV in 2005 and on Spanish and Finnish DVD in Spring of 2006. It was also seen it the U.S., Canada, Italy and Denmark.

Critic’s Kudos:
Ryan Cracknell, Apollo Movie Guide: “What director Mark Roper has made is cheesy fun. It’s nice to see an update of the swashbuckling genre, even if it is in jest. I enjoyed Sea Wolf in all it’s campy splendour.”

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Mark Roper (Ultimate Force, City of Fear, Queen’s Messenger, Orion’s Key, Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target, Conan, Adventure Inc. and four episodes each of Peak Practice and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne).

Written by Harry Alan Towers (Ten Little Indians, Owd Bob, Black Arrow, The Face of Fu Manchu, Bullet to Beijing, The Call of the Wild, Circus of Fear, Queen’s Messenger, The Mangler, City of Fear, Rocket to the Moon, Death Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express, Nachts Wenn Dracula Erwacht, La Casa de las Mil Mu�ecas and 45 other movies and TV projects).

Stars Thomas Ian Griffith (Vampires, Kull the Conqueror, The Karate Kid Part III, xXx, Hollow Point, Excessive Force, Behind Enemy Lines, Crackerjack, Avalanche, Another World, The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax and five episodes of One Tree Hill); Gerit Kling (57 German movies and TV series from 1987-2008) and Barry Flatman (Saw II, Saw III, The Dead Zone, Cruel Intentions 2, Open Season, Just Friends, The Cutting Edge, Dash and Lilly, Short Circuit 2, The Dream Team, The Company, Bizarre, Thoughtcrimes, seven episodes of Earth: Final Contact, five episodes of Odyssey 5, five episodes of Rideau Hall, five episodes of Tilt, four episodes of X-Men, four episodes of Ramona and 103 other movies and TV projects).

Cast also includes Sof�a Mazagatos (Take Off, 15 episodes of Obsesion, 10 episodes of Academia de Baile Gloria); Stefano Santospago (Heaven, Sacred Heart, Il Santo, Donna Detective and Ricordati di Me); Demetri Alexander (The Way We Live Now, Planespotting); M.A. Hernandez (debut); Gilberto Ruiz (debut) and Rene de la Cruz (Our Man in Havana, Memorias del Subdesarrollo, El Patio di Mi Casa, Son of the Tiger and Wild Dogs).

Produced by Lewin Webb (Canadian DGA Craft Award nomination for The Good Shepherd; also produced Crime Spree, The Shadow Dancer, Global Heresy, Chapter 27, Absolon, The Deal, Delirious, Watching the Detectives, The Last Hitman and 27 other movies and TV projects).

Co-produced by Fulvio Lucisano (83 Italian productions; won six major Italian producing awards and had three other nominations); Maria Rohm (Queen’s Messenger, Edge of Sanity, Sumuru, Dorian, Black Arrow and Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express) and Camilo Vives Pall�s (Strawberries and Chocolate, Havana Blues, Pata Negra, Nada, Night of the Innocents, Guantanamera and 48 other movies and TV projects).

Original Music by Norman Orenstein (Ski School 2, Cube Zero, Sanctuary, Animorphs, Cube 2: Hypercube, Diary of the Dead, Chicks With Sticks, Expecting Mercy, Xin Zhong You Gui, Pronouncing, The Hardest Job, Boyfriend Latte and 44 other movies and TV projects).

Cinematography by Stefano Coletta (Il Postino, Amityville II: The Possession, Fighting Back, Verso Nord, Eden, Beyond the Ocean).

Film Editing by Jacqueline Carmody (The Hitman, Snake Eater, Queen’s Messenger, Family Secrets, The Tracker, Johnny Greyeyes and Primary Motive).

Costume Design by Violeta Cooper (Honey for Oshun).

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