Three aka “Survival Island” (2005)

A wealthy businessman, his trophy wife and a crewman are marooned on an island after their boat sinks, leading to a deadly romantic triangle.

Genre – Action

Associate Producer – Walter Josten

Director(s) – Stewart Raffill

Writer(s) – Stewart Raffill

Cast – Billy Zane, Kelly Brook and Juan Pablo Di Pace

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged bridge financing

Release Date – 2005

Synopsis – In this action thriller, Jack, a wealthy Texas businessman takes a trip with his trophy wife Jennifer to the South Seas. When the yacht sinks, crewman Manuel, the hired help, and Jennifer find their way to a deserted tropical island. Together they set up a little paradise and explore their sexual desires. It is not long until Jack washes up onto the same beach. Jealousies and conflicts escalate and these three people have to survive not only the elements but also each other, as tensions become deadly.

Netflix is pointing its millions of DVD subscribers to five other films on which Blue Rider was a lender and/or producer. It points them to SURVIVAL ISLAND as an Action Thriller, to ASYLUM as an Erotic Thriller, to RESCUE DAWN as a Military & War Drama, to MY 5 WIVES as a Late Night Comedy and to AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS as a Family Comedy.

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