Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)

Accidentally released from his tomb, the djinn murders his way across campus while trying to get a co-ed to make three wishes–thereby dooming the earth.

Genre – Genre Classics

Director(s) – Chris Angel

Writer(s) – Alex Wright

Cast – John Novak, A. J. Cook , Tobias Mehler and Jason Connery

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged bridge financing and Jeff Geoffray produced

Distributor(s) – Artisan Entertainment, Europa Films (Brazil), Paradiso Home Entertainment (Netherlands), Twister Digital Video (Russia)

Release Date – 2001

Synopsis – For the third time, the evil Wishmaster returns with more evil and grotesquerie to wreck the lives of more innocents. This time, his victim is a beautiful, innocent and studious teenage girl named Diana Collins, who accidentally opened up the Djinn’s tomb and released him. After gaining his freedom, the Djinn goes into a murderous frenzy though her college campus, while trying to get Diana to make her three wishes. While Diana is on the run, she must endeavor to prevent the Djinn from subjecting the entire world to Hell’s wrath.

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