Out of the Wilderness: aka “The Adventures of Black Feather” (2001)

A girl defends a raven that once saved her life from neighbors who wish to kill the bird.

Genre – Family

Director(s) – Steve Kroschel

Writer(s) – Gabe Essoe and Steve Kroschel

Cast – David Carradine and Amy Wiegert

Blue Rider’s Role – U.S. sales representative

Distributor(s) – MTI Home Video, Bruder Releasing (non-US)

Release Date – 2001

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Steve Kroschel (The Beautiful Truth, Avalanche, Running Free).

Screenplay by Gabe Essoe (The Devil’s Rain, Hog Wild, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, three episodes of Police Woman, two episodes of Disney land); Steve Kroschel (Beautiful Truth, Avalanche, Running Free, The Adventures of Black Feather) and Kelley Miles (The Adventures of Black Feather, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine); story by Patricia M. Reider (debut) and Philip Spalding (debut); story and screenplay by Michael T. Murphy (Together, St. Helens).

Stars David Carradine (six major awards and seven nominations for works including Kung Fu, Kill Bill Vol. 2, North and South, and Bound for Glory; also appeared in Kill Bill Vol. 1, Mean Streets, Bird on a Wire, The Long Goodbye, The Long Riders, Boxcar Bertha, Epic Movie, Death Race, Death Race 2000, The Serpent’s Egg, My Suicide, 84 episodes of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, 46 episodes of Kung Fu, 22 episodes of Wild West Tech, 16 episodes of Shane, six episodes of North and South, six episodes of North and South: Book II, three episodes of Family Law, three episodes of Matlock, three episodes of The Fall Guy and 197 other films and TV projects); Robert Caso (The Naked Truth, American Fork, Ocean Tribe, Shattered Image and three episodes of Beverly Hills 90210) and Peter Jason (Adaptation, The Hunt for Red October, The Karate Kid, Seabiscuit, Mortal Kombat, Dante’s Peak, Escape From L.A., 48 Hours, Arachnophobia, Ghosts of Mars, 26 episodes of Deadwood, 26 episodes of Mike Hammer Private Eye, three episodes of Nash Bridges, three episodes of The New Batman Adventures, three episodes of Gunsmoke and 172 other movies and TV projects).

Cast also includes: Matt McCourt (debut); Kelley Miles (won 1973 Miss Golden Globe award; appeared in Skyjacked, The Stone Killer, Runaway, The Mask of Alexander Cross, two episodes of Cannon and two episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century);
David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London, Wonderful Days, Body Bags, Hot Dog…The Movie, Makin’ It, Midnight Madness, Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, 44 episodes of My Sister Sam and 54 other movies and TV projects and Amy Wiegert (The Adventures of Black Feather).

Original Music by David Reynolds (Beauty Shop, Cruel Intentions 3, Tex: The Passive-Aggressive Gunslinger, In Her Line of Fire, The Novice and 22 other movies and TV projects).

Special Effects by Robert Calvert (Office Space, Bruce Almighty, Con Air, Spy Hard, Charlie’s Angels, Nights in Rodanthe, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Dude…Where’s My Car, Mr. Deeds, Bound, Nixon, Cutthroat Island, 25 episodes of Strong Medicine, 23 episodes of The X-Files, 13 episodes of Day Break, nine episodes of Dead at 21 and 38 other films and TV projects).

Release Data:
Aired on US television in 1995 as The Adventures of Black Feather and again in 2001 as Out of The Wilderness; was released on DVD and video in 2004.


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