Queen’s Messenger (2000)

A British secret service captain seeks to deliver a secret communication to the British Ambassador in Kazakhstan, but a rebel force plans to stop him.

Genre – Action

Director(s) – Mark Roper

Writer(s) – Harry Alan Towers

Cast – Gary Daniels, Teresa Sherrer and John Standing

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged bridge financing

Distributor(s) – Prophecy Entertainment, Cinemavault Releasing International, Sunfilm Entertainment (Germany), Alpha Filmes (Brazil)

Release Date – 2000

Synopsis – By order of the British Secret Service, Captain Strong is given the dangerous assignment of delivering a delicate secret communication to the British Ambassador in Kazakhstan. As the senior officer for the elite Queen’s Messenger corps, Captain Strong must pledge to protect his diplomatic cargo with his life from the leader of a rebel force that wants to seize control of the region’s oil. Strong, the Ambassador and a female U.S. journalist are captured by the rebels and must find a way to escape.

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