The Silencer (1999)

An FBI agent infiltrates a terrorist group, posing as a rookie assassin.

Genre – Thriller

Director(s) – Robert Lee

Writer(s) – John A. Curtis

Cast – Michael Dudikoff, Brennan Elliott and Gabrielle Miller

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged bridge financing

Distributor(s) – Prophecy Entertainment, Justin Johnson Ltd. (UK), Highlight Video (Germany), Top Tape (Brazil)

Release Date – 1999

Synopsis – In this action thriller an FBI agent (Brennan Elliott) fakes his own death so he can infiltrate and dismantle the terrorist cadre Division 5. He resurfaces as a rookie assassin eager to study under Division 5’s master marksman/assassin (Michael Dudikov). However, once he realizes the true agenda behind his mission, he must survive long enough to expose the truth.

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