Veiled Truth: aka “What Comes Around” (2006)

A wife and mother is threatened when her ex-pimp leaves prison and comes after her, seeking revenge for her ratting him out.

Genre – Thriller

Director(s) – Monika Mitchell

Writer(s) – Lauren Dale

Cast – Emanuelle Vaugier and Bruce Ramsay

Blue Rider’s Role – Arranged acquisition financing

Distributor(s) – Lifetime, Fries Film Group

Release Date – 2006

Synopsis – Carolyn Logan has a bit of a dark side that she’s been trying to hide for years. On the surface, she’s an average mother of two who’s married to an aspiring politician, but that all changes when her ex-pimp is released from the big house and comes looking for revenge on Carolyn, who ratted him out. She tries to keep things under wraps, but when this angry parolee kidnaps her son, Carolyn is forced to air her dirty laundry to save her baby boy.

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