May 8, 2000

Slow Burn (2000)

Two escapted criminals compete with a woman in a treacherous quest to find her grandmother's buried jewels in a hot, dusty desert.
May 8, 2000

Queen’s Messenger (2000)

A British secret service captain seeks to deliver a secret communication to the British Ambassador in Kazakhstan, but a rebel force plans to stop him.
May 8, 2000

My 5 Wives (2000)

An irrepressible multimillionaire buys a piece of land in the midst of a polygamous religious society and finds that he must marry the quintet of women […]
May 8, 2000

Luck of the Draw: aka “Quicksand” (2000)

A former criminal tries to set himself on the straight and narrow until he happens upon a set of bootleg printing plates for $100 bills and finds himself a wanted man by both sides of the law.
May 8, 2000

High Explosive (2000)

Medical and de-mining personnel for the United Nations must escape from war-torn Angola before revolutionaries kill them.
May 8, 2000

Cord aka “Hide and Seek” (2000)

A desperate, childless couple kidnaps a pregnant woman and leads her husband to believe that she is dead. Genre – Thriller Executive Producer – Walter Josten Director(s) – Sidney […]
May 8, 2000

Company Man (2000)

A high school teacher in the 1960s becomes an international spy and is involved in a plot to overthrow Fidel Castro.
May 8, 2000

2001: A Space Travesty: aka “2000.1: A Space Travesty” (2000)

A bumbling U.S. Marshall tries to rescue the U.S. president from imprisonment on another planet.
May 8, 1999

The Silencer (1999)

An FBI agent infiltrates a terrorist group, posing as a rookie assassin.