May 8, 1999

Shergar: aka “Shergar: The Hunted” (1999)

After Ireland's greatest racehorse is kidnapped by by Irish separatists, a teenage runaway finds him, disguises him and tries to keep him away from those who mean to kill him.
May 8, 1999

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return (1999)

The leader of a group of murderous children brings them back to the cornfield where many were murdered, to fulfill a deadly 15-year-old prophecy. Genre – Genre […]
May 8, 1999

A Twist of Faith (aka “Beyond Redemption” and “Crack in the Mirror”) (1999)

The actions of a clergy-slaying serial killer throw the detective assigned to the case into a crisis of faith, but the investigation heats up again when the detective begins to suspect conspiracy within the city's police department.
May 8, 1999

New Adventures of Pinocchio (1999)

Puppeteer Geppetto becomes a puppet after drinking an elixer that Pinocchio bought from a traveling carnival. Genre – Family Director(s) – Michael Anderson Writer(s) – Tom Sheppard and Sherry […]
May 8, 1998

The Clown at Midnight (1998)

A murderous clown stalks a group of teenagers who are refurbishing an old opera house.
May 8, 1998

Silver Wolf (1998)

A boy seeks to protect an injured wolf from the vengeance of a powerful local rancher.
May 8, 1998

Falling Sky: aka “Crocodile Tears” (1998)

A girl comes of age in seedy Las Vegas while her alcoholic mother pursues a career as a singer. Genre – Drama Executive Producer – Walter Josten Director(s) – […]
May 8, 1998

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998)

In the fifth installment of the hugely successful franchise a young woman who tries to rescue her estranged teenage brother from the clutches of a mysterious cult of children must face the wrath of its charismatic leader.
May 8, 1996

Pinocchio’s Revenge (1996)

An executed murderer's doll is adopted by his lawyer's daughter, and soon people start dying.